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The Roofing Contract in Riva That You Can Trust

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Three Guys Roofing & Remodeling is the company name to trust when you're searching for a reliable Riva roofing contractor. We go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best possible results.

The work we do as roofing and remodeling contractors is intended to give you a long-term solution and not just a quick, temporary fix. We help homeowners update, upgrade, and maintain their local Riva area homes.

What we do will also improve the condition, increase the value, and maximize your own personal enjoyment. Don't take chances when it comes to the quality of work that goes into renovating or repairing your house.

Remodeling Garages

You have a lot of options for taking your Riva home to the next level, including garage remodeling. If you're considering renovating your garage, here are some ideas to help get you motivated.

  • New garage flooring makes a huge difference. Even if you're keeping this space as a functional workspace only, you have the option of going with epoxy. This both beautifies and protects your flooring.
  • Again, whether you're keeping a utilitarian garage or converting it into a living space, painting the walls will make a huge difference. Even functional spaces can look attractive and have charm.
  • Whether your garage is attached or detached, to make it more user-friendly, add insulation. This helps to better regulate the temperature and is required if you're transitioning this into a living space.
  • Installing windows will also improve the look and ambiance, whether you're going to be working in there or making it an extra room for your home. You're going to want more light, as well as ventilation and means of emergency evacuation, should the need arise.
  • While windows will enhance the natural light, you're still going to need supplemental artificial lighting. Whether it's to help with visibility while tinkering on cars or to read by while lounging on the couch, it's essential.

Let our team of Riva roofing contractor experts help you with your project - just give us a call.

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